Internet Safety

Lyons Hall Primary School recognises that the internet can give children access to an enormous range of information to support their learning. We encourage them to use the thousands of libraries, databases and websites as part of their own research.  Home access to the internet and related technologies such as e-mail, instant messaging and chat room services are commonplace.  For this reason we accept our responsibility in helping children use safe and responsible behaviours whenever they use these technologies. Internet access is provided through Essex County Council who arrange for a filtered service dedicated to primary schools.

We have developed the following rules to ensure the safety and privacy of our children when using the Internet. These rules are made available to staff and pupils and are kept under constant review.

    1. Where photos are used they will be general shots of classroom or group activities
    1. Images of children will not be labelled with their name
    1. Children and staff will never reveal their personal details on the web or when in dialogue with other internet users
    1. The class teacher will oversee all emails sent to the children
    1. Children are not allowed the free use of a search engine unless they are under the supervision of a teacher or designated member of staff
    1. The downloading of information is restricted to staff or children under supervision
    1. Any child that comes across information that makes them feel uncomfortable or upsets them will report it to the teacher immediately
    1. We ask all children to be a good online citizen and not do anything that hurts other people or is against the law