Our curriculum

OurselvesAutumn and WinterAll Around the WorldSuperheroesNew LifeTraditional Tales
Year 1All about Me & My Friends: The Body
(Science focus)
The Aliens are
Coming: Around and
about our School
(Geography focus)
Traditional Tales
from Around the
World: Puppets
(Design &
Technology focus)
(History Focus)
Cat Flap Cats
(Drama, Music & Art focus)
Water World (Science focus)
Year 2Party Planners
(Science Focus)
Castles: Life in a
(History focus)
Mrs. Armitage on
(Design &
Technology focus)
The Owl and the
(Art focus)
Creatures Great & Small: Living Things(Science focus)The Seaside Erosion (Geography focus)
Year 3Ancient Egypt
(History focus)
Bright Sparks Electricity (Science Focus)Taste of India (History and Geography focus)Australia (Drama, Music & Art focus)Stone-age and Town PlannersPlants & Animals(Science focus)
Year 4The Romans
(History Focus)
The Caribbean: St Lucia (Geography focus)Light and Sound (Science focus)Caribbean Dozen
(Drama, Music &
Art focus)
Chocolate: Product
& Packaging
(Design &
Technology focus)
The Human Body
(Science focus)
Year 5The Tudors – Kings and Queens (History Focus)The Fairground (Design & Technology focus)Rivers and the Water Cycle
(Geography Focus)
Plants (Science focus)The Highway Man (Drama, Music & Art focus)Earth, Sun and Moon (Science focus)
Year 6Classification and Living ThingsWorld War II
(History focus)
Great Britain (Geography focus)SATS Revision
Maths, Literacy & Science – Electricity, Micro Organisms
SATS Revision
Maths, Literacy & Science – Electricity, Micro Organisms
Mini Enterprise
(Design &
Technology focus)
Star Wars (Literacy transition project)
Learning and Life Skills2.1 It’s up to me!2.2 Learning together
2.3 Speaking and Listening
Think, Think, Think3.1 Knowing me, knowing you
3.2 Becoming better learners