Lyons Leaders

Have you heard of the Lyons Leaders?

Well if not carry on reading. Lyons Leaders are people in Year 6 who have volunteered to play with younger members of Lyons Hall children at break and lunchtimes. Once a week we go to one of these age groups: Reception, Infants or Juniors. There is a three week rota so we each have a turn to help out in one of these year groups.

We would like to thank Mrs Anita Dawson, she organises the Lyons Leaders, for giving us this opportunity to give something back to the whole school. What we basically do is take time out to play with younger members of children at Lyons Hall once a week.

We wear red caps so if you see us about feel free to play with us!


Our Lyons Leaders are chosen from the Year 6 cohort at the beginning of the academic year:

Sam, Shane, Alyssia, Zoe, Elliot, Tate, Olivia, Charlotte, Harley, Tyler, Hollie, Rose, Ciaran, Blake, Oliver, Liam, Ella, Hannah, Amelia, Layla, Ethan, Oliver, Evan, Reece, Jake, Alesha, Nika and Fletcher.