Welcome to our School Learning Council

At Lyons Hall Primary School we are very formal in our meetings as we speak to each other in a civilised manor. We help our school to improve things and our points of view really help with the school rules and it is our job to keep the whole school peaceful and happy.

We have helped to create some of the rules in our playgrounds and all weather pitch to make Lyons Hall Primary School a more content place with happier children. We think that it’s good to have a school council because children like to be involved in their schools appearance and the features in their school.

We have done lots of things as a school council such as had lunch with St Michaels School, gone on school council training days and have got involved with the Grand Council, (that involves lots of schools coming together and sharing lots of ideas) the Council has also come up with the idea of having the sponsor week. Our school council has 2 children from every class in the school; all of these children are very responsible and are able to represent the school in a mature way. Mrs Pritchard, Deputy Headteacher, helps us to make the school better in every possible way she can. We are also supported by Mr Smith our Headteacher.

Members of the School Council are:

Matteo, Chloe, Sophia, Austin, Bobby, Natasha, Tyler, Savannah, Olivia, Harry, Chloe, Layland, Cydney, Finley, Oliver, Lily, Caris, Sam, Ashton, Kimberly, Joseph, Isabelle, Evie, Liam, Layla, Ethan, Olivia & Oliver.

This is a quote from 2 previous school councillors who thought it was good to have a school learning council. “I feel that the school council has always helped the school in many ways.” – Chloe

“I think being a school learning councillor is an important role and gives lots of opportunities for children in the school.” – Alexandra

This quote is from Joshua who thinks the school learning council helps the school “I think the school council helps the school in many ways including making rules for our all-weather pitch.”

Message from the Chairperson of Lyons Hall School Council:

Hi Everyone my name is Amy and I would like to be Chair of the school council.

This is the second time I have been on the school council so I know how it works really well.

I have really enjoyed the time that I have had at Lyons Hall and in my last year I would like to give something back to the school and help it be an even more amazing place than it is now.

If you vote me, I promise that I will do my absolute best and work very, very hard for you all.  I will make sure that we all know when the meetings are and help make sure that we are all at the meetings.  I will also make sure that you all have a chance to speak at the meetings, it is very important that everyone’s ideas are heard and listened to.  Finally, I will also make sure we help the school as much as we can and that we raise as much money as we can for our charities this year.

My brother was also chair of the school council when he was in year 6 so he can help give me advice on how to be a good school council chair.

Please vote for me and thank you for listening everyone.